In order to become this story keeper you will need to be able to prove a family relationship to your loved one.


Benefits of becoming a keeper

You will gain control of all aspects of how your loved one's story is displayed. This includes adding and changing the story details and content; approving memories, milestones and guestbook entries; and, adding other keepers to help you manage the story. Full control of the story enables you to ensure your loved one's story and contributions reflect all of the great and memorable things that composed their life.


You will be able to decide which aspects of your loved one's story are public and which are private, viewable only by invited friends and family. You can even decide whether or not you would like the story to come up in search results. You are in complete control over how your loved one's story is or isn't broadcast to the world.


You will have the benefit of working together with the other keepers you invite to help you manage your loved one's story. It will be easy to collaborate and share in the responsibility of maintaining the everlasting story that will keep your loved one's presence alive in the hearts and minds of all those who cherished them.


Our site will keep you posted on all contributions and keeper activity regarding your loved one's story. You can choose the level of frequency of all communications sent.

Take this opportunity to shape your loved one's story today and always for one-time cost of $29.

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